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28 January 2001

Well, here I am in the middle of a tourist office in the centre of Delhi. Everyone’s very nice here - offering to do stuff for you without even asking.

Not everything went to plan on the way here though! Were on the motorway at 8:30 and the stupid car broke down about 35 miles from Heathrow. We had to pull over and wait over an hour for the AA to come, and then I had to say my goodbyes to my parents on the hardshoulder of the motorway, as I was whisked off to Heathrow by an AA man.. only to then have to wait in the plane at Heathrow for 2 hours because someone was sick and had to be taken off with their bags, and then the plane missed it’s slot.

Well, when the plane finally started moving everything was fine though. Didn’t sit next to a paricularly interesting or young person (who I’d hoped would be a girl) instead, it was an aging man on his way to a medical conference.

It was 2am local time when we landed, and we had to wait about an hour in the airport through customs. After that it was still dark, so i got a taxi into town. Very different here! They drive like maniacs and it looks like they’re going to crash all the time, but they don’t.

When i got to Delhi, decided to go into a hotel, so i did. Bit skanky but the most annoying this was a ticking clock which always annoys me.. i just can’t sleep with those things, so i ended up butting toilet paper in my eyes to make it quieter!

This morning, they whisked me off to a tourist office where i’ve decided to plan my travels much more, at quite an expense mind. Tomorrow, i’m off in a plane to the mountains of the north, sounds great! Then after that i’m touring rajasthan on some mini-van, then through some more towns before Mumbai/Bombay. i’ll probably shorten my trip here to about a month (no longer going to nepal) and then spend more time in oz, where i’ll need to get some work or i’ll go broke!

Today I did a sight-seeing tour of Delhi and the whole thing is organised really well, with personal guides etc. I’ll write some more next time I find an internet PC. Laters.

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