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22 February 2001

On arrival in Singapore airport it felt as thought the plane had taken me forward in time. If you’ve been to Singapore airport you’ll know what I mean - shiny surfaces everywhere, latest gizmos and cools stuff, fountains and proper, Western-style toilets, rather than the crap bit I had to squat over and pay one rupee for just outiside Mumbai station the morning before (not the nicest experience, having to hold the shit-covered walls for balance and trying to direct your butt hole above the hole in the floor without falling or pissing/shitting all over your trousers). Decided to talk to some people whilst waiting for my baggage, and ended up getting a bus with them into town. The whole way it was just like being in a daze - back in the western world, whilst at the same time being in the heart of south-east asia - what a paradox.

Everywhere in Singapore seems spotlessly clean - partly because they’ll chuck you in jail if you drop anything. It’s just so well thought out and laid out and it’s like being in a better version of London, with nice weather and lots of chinese girls to keep NG happy (btw NG, I’ll try and get some pics for you if I see some stunners, just like you asked for).

My hotel room is quite good, but also quite expensive compared to India, but cheap for here (S$28, about 12 pounds a night). The main problem though is I have to climb five floors of stairs to get up there, then go through a maze of rooms! The good thing is that it’s air-conditioned… and it has a real bed, rather than a manky train thing, or a plane’s semi-reclinable-chair.

Well, thought I’d go to sleep but then decided I actually, remarkably, didn’t seem that tired after all. Instead, I wandered around town and half-agreed to go to a Night Safari tonight with a like-minded couple who’ve just graduated from Leeds. I say half-agreed because by 7.30pm I may find myself far too tired to do anything if I don’t get some sleep soon.

Went for a walk which took me through a shopping centre, ending up here, in an internet cafe. I feel like a kid in a candy store in the mall though - seven or so floors of camcorders, tvs, dvds, computers… and all at rock-bottom prices. I’m tempted to buy a camcorder to record my travels, but I think I’ve decided against that now. If anyone wants me to send anything back to England for them though they’re welcome - just tell me what it is you want (make, model no. etc.) and what the highest price is you’re prepared to pay. I’ll try and get the price as cheap as possible, and then pass it off through DHL at a fraction of the cost it would cost you to buy in the UK. For example, if someone wants a PS2 I can send it home for about 250 pounds - I’ve no idea what it would cost in England, but I expect more. Other stuff is far cheaper here, like half the price to England, and all the latest models not released in England too. If you do want to take me up on this offer, try and email me today or tomorrow, because I think I’ll be moving on within three or four days.

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