I am both idealist and realist. For there is no point in ideals if they cannot be realised.
Jacob (Jake) Barrie Gordon

Jake Gordon

Pyramid Funkiness

27 June 2003

Went to those funky pyramids today on a day trip excursion in a minibus. Met two other guys - Dave and Patrick which was all good. Did some kinda boring sight seeing but climbing the pyramids made up for that. Day started off nowhere near as hot as I thought it would be, but by about midday the sun was beaming down pretty strong and I soon managed to get a little burnt! Ronan’s buggered off to meet his girlfriend down south, and the other guys will probably follow a similar route. I may join them but i think i’d prefer to go north first and hopefully meet up with Marcela. And after that, hit the beaches and just lie in a hammock for weeks reading. Yeah!

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