Jake Gordon


28 March 2001

Tried a Thai dish called ‘noname’ today. At first I thought it was simply because they didn’t know the name of the food, but they’re not that daft! It was like vegetable pieces in a batter and fried - very nice with some Ketchup.

I’m off to do my first two dives tomorrow. Should be good. I took the motorbike back today because I won’t be needing it any more. Fell off it this morning though on the way to see a waterfall on the island! Was doing a hill start with another bloke on the back and it wouldn’t move so I changed gears and then it jerked forward sending the other guy off the back, and me flying into the bushes! Very amusing - although I did get a few cuts and scratches on my legs from it as well.

I’m in an Internet cafe at the moment at the same place that I’m staying. A couple of locals are looking over my shoulder at the screen and are, I believe, amazed by the speed at which I’m typing! Hahahahaha….

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