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Camping, Jungle Style

12 March 2001

After arriving at the park (see last update below) the four of us went to get our accommodation for the night - a big bag containing a few sheets and pieces of metal, aka a tent. Now, you’d have thought four people could share a four man tent, right? Well, apparently not - especially when you’re in a country where people are significantly shorter than you. We went for a six man tent for the four of us, and I have no idea how you could possible fit six men in there - possibly six small children, with no bags whatsoever, but six fully grown men is something quite else. The four of us plus bags just about managed to squeeze inside, but it was quite a tight fit.

We had the whole campsite to ourselves, and somehow we all managed to actually get to sleep that night dispite the vile smells and sticky-closeness experienced inside the tent. In fact, it was a great laugh, and we spent the next night in the tent as well, after going for a canopy walk - walking along rope bridges between trees about 30m above the ground.

After two nights in the tent, we decided to fold up our temporary home and booked up a two night/three day jungle trekking experience…

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