Jake Gordon

Kuala Lumpur

3 March 2001

I’ve been in KL for two nights now and it’s pretty cool. Before I got here I thought I’d only spend two or three nights here, but there’s a lot more to do than I originally thought there would be. I travelled here from Melaka with a guy called Dave who I met in the dorms in the guest house in Melaka. On the first evening we went and visited the Twin Towers (sometimes called the tallest building(s) in the world… depending how you count).

The towers were really spectacular at night. We got off the tube and ended up in a shopping centre. It was only when we worked out how to get out of the centre that we realised that we were actually in the base of the towers! The moon and the stars here are a lot brighter than they are back in England and with the skylights with the many lights illuminating the towers and other buildings, and with illuminated fountains as well the whole area was quite something.

The next day we went to actually go up the towers, and we met up with these two girls who are here as well, in the Internet Cafe here with me at the moment actually - we managd to loose Dave and another girl, Kirsty, whilst walking back in a tropical rainstorm from some lakes. Anyway, yesterday we went to the towers early in the morning so that we could go up them. You only actually go about half way up, to a skybridge between the towers, but from there you can see a lot of the city. Also quite funny was seeing a window cleaner, up there on the 43rd floor!

After the twin Pedros Towers we went to the KL Tower, which is a telecoms tower where you can go round an observation deck which is actually higher up than the skybridge. The views from there were more spectacular, and you could see a full 360 by walking around.

Haha… then we went for a swim, wearing my swim shorts of course, but when we got there we found out that we had to wear skimpy little trunks instead, whilst the girls (talk about sexism!) were allowed to wear whatever they wished. Well, I didn’t have any money on me, so wasted twenty minutes going back to the hostel for some more. [oh, just remembered something from Melaka… whatever you do, don’t be tempted by Sweetcorn Ice Cream, it really is as disgusting as it sounds.] Got back to the pool and they gave me some trunks for my six quid. She said “If they’re too loose, just bring them back and I’ll give you some smaller ones”. Bloody hell! I tried them on and the pain was extrutiating - I’m sure they were intended for five year olds. So, I took them back and got a larger pair instead, and she said that they were huge, but I assure you that they weren’t. Well, they felt pretty tight as well, but I didn’t want to go back and ask for an even bigger pair - she’d have given me an extremely weird look!

Swimming was pretty cool.

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