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12 March 2001

Well, it’s over a week since my last update now, so I’ll try and catch up on stuff.

After my last update nothing else happened about the police bust thing, or at least not whilst I was there - shame, it could have been quite exciting. I have, however, had a thoroughly wicked time.

Since KL until yesterday I’ve been going around in a group of four - me, Dave (19 from London) and Julia and Marie (22, from the Isle of Wight). At first, we spent a few days in KL before we headed off into the deepest rainforest for five excellent nights!

The theme park we went to in KL was great fun. There were a couple of rollercoasters (nothing spectacular) a log flume ride, several wet water flumes and like a big wave swimming pool thing. We all had a great day out, got thoroughly soaked and enjoyed manky plasticy chips for lunch. Good fun stuff really.

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