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26 February 2001

A couple of days ago I left Singapore and got a coach to Malaysia. Pretty cool views out of the coach - saw a lot of rainforest, but also a lot of clear patches where the rainforest had been cut down. Pain when I arrived because I couldn’t find anywhere to change my money into malaysian ringits - so I had to ask the taxi driver to stop off at a cash machine along the way.

The guest house I’m staying in is excellent! Until now, I’ve just been staying in impersonal hotels, but the guesthouse is great because it’s a really social atmosphere with peole talking all the time and doing stuff together. Most of the people there have already been through uni (apart from one guy) and some have been travelling around for a year or two now non-stop! Getting some great advice and just having a good time - although I wasn’t too impressed by the result of the footy match last night.

The place has got a kitchen which is great news because it has meant I’ve been able to have pasta for the first time in a month - in fact, I’ve had it the last two days running. I’ll probably stay here (in Melaka) for about another 3 or 4 days, or maybe even longer because there’s such a great atmosphere. The town itself is pretty bland, but there’s no real need to go out that much, apart from to the supermarket and Internet cafe. Might go for an ‘educational and adventure’ day-trip, but I need to find four others to go as well - and most say it’s too expensive (at just $10 for the day). It sounds like good fun though - getting to see them getting rubber out of trees, and going under a waterfall and other educational and adventurous activities.

Next stop is Kuala Lumpur where I’ll see the twin-towers - apparently the tallest building(s) in the world, and you can go up to the bridge that goes between them and look out across the town, which is nice.

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