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7 June 2001

Had the biggest rush of my life about two hours ago as I hurtled from 12,000ft experiencing a ‘nuff good’ adrenaline rush. Absolutely ace. Wicked fun. And I’ve got proof of it as well - I got the full whack with a roll of film and a video, which’ll I’ll be sending home real soon for all to see.

Oh - and I haven’t told you all’s about the canoeing trip yet have I? Well - that was cool as well. Three days four nights in a canoe with three girls - Michelle, Corrina (not my sis) and Lorna. Bloody hard work as well. Two to a canoe, we had to cross this bloody-huge lake which took about two hours and you couldn’t even see to the other side - it was manic! Real scenic once we got onto the rivers though - tee tree oil from (surprisingly) the trees made the water black and hence extremely reflective. Was going to jump in for a swim as well but it was friggin’ freezing! Also involved a 12km walk up to some sand dunes with a view out at the lake and the sea - good stuff.

Off to Harvey Bay for Frazer Island now, where I’ll meet loads of dingoes who’ll want to eat me. Oh - and I forgot to mention the snake and kangaroo I saw on the canoeing trip - getting a real taste for Oz now.

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