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9 February 2001

What do all of those things have in common? Well - to me, they’re all bloody boring, and yet this is what I’ve been paying over the odds money for so far. Bloody hell, what a stupid fool I was to ever go to that daft tourist agency, but… today I managed to get a handsome some back from them for cancellation, and so now I’m living the way I wanted from the beginning - I have no idea what I’m going to do this afternoon, let alone tomorrow!

The moon and stars here are much brighter/bigger than in England - the moon looks about twice it’s normal size, and I can see Venus (I think it’s Venus) very clearly from the early evening.

I think I might buy a train ticket to Puri, on the East coast, which is a total of three train journeys, all about 12 - 24 hours each! From there, I’ll go a little further south and then head to Mumbai in about three/four weeks to get an (earlier than originally planned) plane to Singapore.

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