I am both idealist and realist. For there is no point in ideals if they cannot be realised.
Jacob (Jake) Barrie Gordon

Jake Gordon

Marcela in Monterrey

24 August 2003

Not my favourite city, Monterrey. Its up in the North of Mexico and its big. With big four lane roads everywhere, not a care in the world for pedestrians. And its hot… and to be honest, I’m fed up of the heat now. Anyway, I met up with Marcella (who came to Nottingham for a semester last year) so that was good. Went to some pretty amazing caves with stallegnites and -tites everywhere. Extremely impressive, very cavernous. Although I thought the ‘this rock looks like a cross with a coffin under it, and over there - that’s Jesus’ face’ were a bit far fetched to say the least!

Monterrey - city of mountains, and so it is. Mountains all around it, and we played cards in one of Marcella’s friends’ house, which had a great view of them from a balcony.

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