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More India Photos Up - I'm In Bangkok

4 April 2001

My second batch of India photos are now up - I’ve only seen a few so far, but they seem to be of Puri in Orissa state on the east coast of India (also a couple of Singapore). See them here. In particular see this photo of me in a sunset, another superb sunset and a beautiful toilet on an Indian train.

Arrived in Bangkok this morning, and staying at something like ‘Guest House 99’ which is alright. Bus journey was hell but I managed to get some sleep on it. I’m thinking I may just stay in Bangkok now for six nights though, because I don’t really have time to go to Chiang Mai, and it would involve another two torturous bus journeys as well!

Well, I’m in Bangkok and as an Alan Partridge fan would know, there’s only one thing which Bangkok is famous for - the lady boys. Fascinating creatures. Haven’t seen one (knowingly) yet though…

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