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All Washed Out

24 March 2001

Yesterday I went on a day trip to 4 islands around Krabi - one of which is called the ‘James Bond Island’ because it was where The Man With The Golden Gun was partly filmed. Well, following recent events, not all went as planned!

For some reason, Thailand is currently expeiencing a stupendous amount of rain for this time of year - it should be beautifully sunny and hot, but instead it’s just warm and rainy. Well, we got to the first island on the trip and it was OK there. Did a little snorkelling but got bitten by loads of tiny jelly fish. Saw some stupid loud-mouth Canadian guy building a sand-penis and then it started pissing it down with rain! We all jumped back in the boat and just kinda’ sat there for about half an hour.

Next we set off in the boat to the next island. Unfortunately, the boat got caught up on a rock which it hit during the storm - which was amusing. Five minutes later we were free of it, and after awhile arrived at the second island during a thunder storm. We all jumped out and had a swim around in the rain - the sea was warmer than just staying on the boat. The cocky Canadian guy was the main amusement - big-mouthing about how he makes and sells cannabis for a living.

With the rain ongoing, we all decided to cut the trip short (and hence we didn’t even get to go to James Bond Island). Once off the boat the fun wasn’t over though - after wading through the water onto the beach, we had to wait a while in the rain because the truck we were meant to go in had a flat tyre! Once our transport did arrive, I hang out the back wearing nothing but my swimshorts in the pouring rain. What a laugh!!!

Wasn’t all bad though. It was quite a laugh to hang off the back of the truck, and I made two friends during the tour - two girls from Norway, who headed off into Malaysia today.

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