Jake Gordon

A Memento of Brisbane

16 May 2001

Before I say anything I’ve just gotta put a film recommendation out: Memento - watch it. I already have… twice, and it’s bloody amazing! If you like The Usual Suspects, Arlington Road, Conspiracy Theory and films like that then this is definitely for you. If you just want to watch a film and laugh and then go home… forget it.

Well, I’m still in Brisbane and I’m pretty much loving it here. I’m not actually doing all that much at all, but it just feels like uni - loads of young people in the hostel (mainly all post-uni) and then doing sod all most the time - I try and go swimming most days, and I did a bit of work for a land surveyor the other day, but apart from that, I’m not really doing much at all really. But it is fun!

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