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Hi Guys, I'm Home!

15 July 2001

I actually arrived home last Wednesday but, because my family thought I’d be home in about three days from now, I decided to turnup unexpected and surprise them all - and it worked extremely well too!

Last time I updated this site I was in Brisbane and I’d completed my skydiving course. The next day I got my plane ticket brought forward and went to Singapore for a couple of days to seek out some electronic bargains. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything though so just bummed around whilst sweating like a pig in the humid-day-long-heat.

I arrived home at 5.30am and then arrived on my doorstep at 7.30, just after my dad had left for work, and just before everyone else would be leaving for school. My sister, Rosanna, answered the door and seemed extremely surprised but pleased to see me - and Joe was Joe. My mum, little to my knowledge, was in Germany though so her surprise had to wait. Went round to my gran’s house and surprised her too - with a bit of a scream when she saw me!

Six months with hardly any squash left me itching for a game - by 10am I was on on the court with Peter NG but unfortunately hadn’t gained magic skills over the half year, and instead had got a little rusty. I lost. Next it was round to my Ompa’s house - yet again another big surprise. Got the bus home and then surprised my dad when he got back from work - looked like he’d seen a ghost when he saw me!

Then the conspiracy began - in order to surprise my mum I was banned from using the phone (in case she called) and of course I couldn’t update this site either. All worked to plan, and she arrived back yesterday as happy and surprised as everyone else was to see me.

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