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Mumma In Thailand

8 April 2001

More of my photos are now up, including some extremely wicked ones in Kuala Lumpar and in the jungle, and also some in Kashmir - see the Malaysian ones here and the Indian ones here.

Met my mum here in Thailand yesterday which was nice! Arrived at her hotel at 11am and then spent the day with her and her group from school. I’m extremely glad I’m not doing a similar ‘package tour’ though because it sounded like hell - no time to stop and do what you want to do. It’s so much more exciting travelling by yourself or with a couple of friends.

Got a real fetish for music today and figured the stuff I was picking up with the radio I bought just wasn’t good enough. So, went and got $100 changed up and went on a bargain hunting rampage down the market here. Got a Sony CD Player, speakers and 13 CDs for about US$90 which isn’t bad. That should keep me going for a while.

Walking past a restaurant earlier and noticed there was a boxing match on so I had a look. It was like a bloody WWF wrestling match though the way it was hyped up - Prince Naseem Hamed against Anotnio Ferrandez (or something like that). Hamed was a cocky bastard like always - what with him being the undefeated champion and all, but I saw history in the making as he was beater. Eat that you egotistical leprechaun!

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