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Internet Explorer vs. Mozilla Firefox: Google Zeitgeist

15 July 2004

I’ve now been using Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer for several months and highly recommend it to everyone. It blocks popups, is extremely quick, and better for security (less likely to get hacked, virii etc.). I’ve installed Firefox on most of my friends’ and family’s computers but have been watching Google’s Zeitgeist frequently to see when it starts making a big impact on their graph of browsers used to access Google. Today, Google have posted a new monthly Zeitgeist which includes the browser graph I was looking for - for June 2004, Internet explorer using has dropped with “Netscape 5.x+ (incl. Mozilla)” claiming an increase. Unfortunately, the graph that shows this is very small and does not give a high level of accuracy, and nor does it explain what percentgage of the “Netscape 5.x+ (incl. Mozilla)” are Mozilla Firefox and the other browsers, but this is a very significant finding all the same. My prediction is that this new trend will increase over the coming months, particularly with a 1.0 release of Firefox scheduled in a couple of months time. By this time next year, Mozilla Firefox use will have increased to around 30%, and PC vendors will begin to bundle it with new machines.

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