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Guatemala and a Cunning Plan

9 July 2003

Tonight I’ve got a night bus out of Oaxaca taking me to San Cristobal and then from there straight off to Palenque. Then from there, I’m going to cross the border into Guatemala, part of which involves a short river trip. Its all quite exciting! Then in Guatemala, I’m planning to do a 4-5 day trek before hopping to Honduras to do some scuba then scooting through Belize. From there I’ll probably re-enter Mexico, up towards Cancun where I might get a boat to Cuba… but I probably don’t have enough time as I still want to fit in lots more beach life here in Mexico and also go up to the North of Mexico.

Oaxaca is quite nice, but I’m not a huge fan of cities. I’ve met a guy in the hostel here and I’m going to be doing the Venezuala border crossing with him. I was gonna do some rock climbing today but, what with it being the rainy season at all, the weather isn’t looking too hot for that. So maybe, just maybe, I’ll get round to writing some postcards and sending a film home to be developed instead!

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