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Another Change Of Plans!

31 May 2001

Just to let everyone know of another change in my travel plans. Nathan has had to bail out of Indonesia because his work at HSBC has come up a week earlier than he had hoped - damned shame. So now I’m taking the east coast of Oz at a more leisurely pace and, having checked out the situation in Indonesia just now on the web, aren’t too sure whether or not it’s necessarily the best place to go right now - may be best to leave it ‘til next year instead.

Anyway - leaving Brisbane tomorrow and then on Saturday I hope to be falling through the sky at phenomenal speeds - even faster than I was today on a free-fall ride at Dreamworld theme park on the Gold Coast here.

Then, on Monday I’ll be doing a 3 day canoeing trip with a girl from the hostel - Michelle - who’s job Corrina will be continuing as she’s now leaving after being there for about half a year.

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