Jake Gordon

The Wedding Invitation

20 March 2001

Last time you heard from me, I was sitting in this same Internet Cafe here in Kota Bharu. Well, it’s now a week later, and here I am again after a week on a fantasy island off the East coast of Malaysia - the smaller of the Perhentian Islands - Kecil (I think), a beach there called Long Beach (such an ingenious name).

Well, let’s start at the beginning. After leaving the Internet Cafe a week ago, Lutz and I (some German guy) went back to our guest house - the RV Inn and had some free tea. Whilst there, the owner bloke - Hadi - talked to us, and invited me to a wedding on the Perhentian Island. Cool! Then, the friendly guy invited us both out to try some blue rice. Well… a free meal - would you say no? I didn’t, and nor did Lutz, so we went out and had perhaps the most disgusting food I’ve ever even contemplated putting near my mouth. I was assured it was vegetarian but to be honest it tasted like shit. The blue rice just tasted like rice, and it was with all this other weird stuff - and all cold as well. Well, after that, we went back to the guest house and played a game of Monopoly. Lutz had a cool chocolate monopoly majiggy and we got to eat the chocolate houses and pieces and stuff like that. Oh, and it was in German - not English. Three local girls then joined us for another two games and then I finally got to bed at about 2am.

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