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24 October 2001

Well there’s really not that much of a reason to make regular updates to this site like there was whilst I was travelling - nobody really knows what I get up to every day. “Oh yes… yesterday I had a vegetarian taco for lunch then played squash for an hour before sitting down in my room and read a few books on sociology” - nobody cares, not even me. So I’ll just update this thing as and when I feel like there’s a point to.

Well, I’ve been having an absolutely great time here in Nottingham - couldn’t really ask for more. The social life is brilliant, the sports clubs are fun and competitive and the work isn’t all that bad either. Oh yeah, and I decided to change course. No longer am I doing Digital Business (mixture of computer science and business) but sociology instead - quite a change indeed.

The reason? Well I kinda decided whilst travelling that I don’t want to sit in front of a computer for thirty years of my life. Not me. Instead I’ll try and make my millions off my new company quickly then retire into a life of bliss, most probably involving very little work and beaucoup de travel instead. So why sociology you ask (as if there’s anyone actually looking at this website)? Well, because it looks like an interesting course to do - in a five minute bus journey from one campus to the other I flicked through the module prospectus guide and thought it sounded like fun. So I signed up for it.

Just finished writting my first essay for it as well - boy that was hard work. First essay I’ve written in about a year and a half. Still, if you’re at all interested in reading about the underclass then feel free - although my guess is that it’ll be one of the most pathetic essay attempts that you’ve ever so much as glimpsed at. Still, time for improvements I guess - the marks from this year don’t count towards anything. Just need to pass.

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