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Lady Bars

25 March 2001

Went out on the town last night… kind of. Went out for a meal and didn’t really fancy eating by myself so found some random bloke who was sitting by himself and asked if I could join him. Turned out he (Steve) has been living on the island for two months now and he’s quite a chess guru. Then some other bloke came over and he’s a Thai Boxing champion. Well, after we’d eaten, we went over to a bar, but on the way we met some prossies.

I thought it was only really Bangkok that has the whole prostitutes thing here in Thailand, but Koh samui definitely has it as well. Whilst eating you see western blokes walking hand in hand with young local girls - who they’re paying around 20 quid to for the night. Some of the blokes are big fat pervy looking men, but some are proper looking early-twenties blokes who must be able to get a woman another way, but decide to pay instead. Quite bizarre to see. Whilst walking to a bar, two of these young girls grabbed my arm and started trying to pull me over to them. Alas I hadn’t pulled, but was simply getting solicited.

Then, this morning I saw one of these prossies with a bloke in the chalet next to mine, and as I type tis there’s two westerners walking by outside with local girls hand-in-hand. It’s not just a quick romp under the bedsheets here - they seem to go in for a full day of fun for their money. Fascinating.

Anyway, my idea of a good time last night was playing chess for several hours in a bar (it actually was quite fun). I hadn’t played for about two years, and my first game was against this German guy Steve who gets paid about 100 quid a game back in Germany. Well, miraculously I managed to play the best game of my life and had him really concentrating over the game. I was quite chuffed - but still lost. Then, it just went downhill from there, losing every game easier and easier - most likely due to the alcohol I was drinking!

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