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Gagaju - Backpackers Retreat

3 June 2001

Well, here I am, alone again after a farewell to Corrina a couple of days ago in Brisbane’s transit centre, before I jumped on a bus which took me up here to Noosa.

After getting off the bus I was supposed to get a pickup from the place I’m staying at - but when they didn’t show themselves for about fifteen minutes, I phoned them and they told me I needed to get a taxi there because they were too busy etc. So - found a taxi and told him where I wanted to go and he’d never heard of the place before, and had no idea why I wanted to “go out into that place”. This was shortly followed by a lecture about the different snakes that I could find out there that could poison me, and how if it’s raining he’d never take anyone out there… sounded like fun! Off the beaten track a bit.

The taxi journey took ages and cost $30 - but the cool guys at Gagaju (the name of the ‘retreat’) paid for it which was a great relief! Basically - it’s like a campsite but with a few big tents for things like a tv room, kitchen and dorms here and there. Fantastic fun! There’s a campfire that everyone sits round every night and I’m getting along with the people here fine. I was going to be falling 12,000ft out of a plane today, but because this suicidal activity was fully booked, I’ve had to go for Thursday instead. Tomorrow I’m starting the three day self-guided canoe trek, whilst this afternoon I’ll be splashing around in baths/pools full of mud!

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