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Back In The Womb

2 April 2001

Just got back from a night dive - absolutely amazing! If you’ve seen The Beach before you’ll remember the scene when they’re underwater and wiggle their hands around and see shiny stuff - that’s phosphorescence, something to do with the algae stuff down there, and I saw that tonight. Amazing! Someone said it was like being back in the womb - all relaxed and clam in the middle of nowhere seeing only a few metres in front when I shone the torch there. Wow! Saw many greeny-blue sting ray which swam past and hid under rocks, and some massive crabs as well. Saw sleeping fish - prodded one and it whooshed off. Fantastic stuff.

I’m now a qualified Advanced Open Water diver - this means I can go down to 40m and dive at night and cool stuff like that.

I’m off to Bangkok or Chiang Mai tomorrow - I can’t really decide! It’s Joe’s birthday today (email him here to wish him happy birthday) - happy birthday! On the 7th or so I’ll be meeting my mum in Bangokok, and then on the 10th I plan to be in Sydney, meeting Corrina. But for the next six or so days I don’t know what I’ll be doing.

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