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School's out for summer!!!

25 July 2003

Well, I’ve just finished my week’s intensive Spanish course, and whilst I’m not exactly fluent, at least I can speak a few words here and there and understand more than I could before. The family I stayed with was a bit of a joke really - I was the only one in the house as the other students left because it was crap! Hardly spoke any Spanish with them at all, and the meal times were very weird and awkward, just sitting there eating whilst they basically stared at me. Bizarre.

Probably going to stay here in Antigua for another couple of nights before moving on to Honduras, whilst I’ll probably do with a couple of Irish guys here. Met loads of people here from the Spanish school and also met up with loads of people I’ve met before in other places. Climbed Volcan Pakaya yesterday which was pretty damn amazing, although we didn’t make it to the top because we were caught in a thunder storm… and I mean caught right in the middle of it, in the clouds, with lightning striking the volcano just a few metres away from us… hell yeah!!!

Saw the film Frieda a couple of days ago, she’s some Mexican woman who painted and was pretty weird. Extremely funny film, especially when she has sex with that dirty old man Leon Trotsky, God bless his communist soul.

Gonna go out again tonight for a few drinks and games with my friends here, as I’ve been doing every day since I got here. So much for the not-go-out-at-all-take-spanish-seriously idea. Balls to that one.

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