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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

30 April 2001

… or at least me and Corrina are at the moment anyway - the Yellow Submarine hostel, here in Brisbane. Been here for about a week now and the plan is to get a job here and live here for a couple of months. The only snag is trying to find a job though!

What I have done though is gone out and bought myself some roller blades which are cool. Can’t use them very well yet though! The thing is, I’ve got the hang of accelerating and just going along smooth level paths, but when it comes to stopping the damn things I’m terrible! I’m getting there… although on several occasions I’ve whoooshed down hills and then just stacked it in trying to stop!

Oh, and I’m becoming an endorphin addict again as well - my current routine is to go swimming and play squash early in the morning - rollerblading there of course - and then walking around everywhere. It’s about time as well because I hadn’t really done any proper exercise at all in the last three months!

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