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Go West!

29 June 2003

Or south, which is what I’ve done. Decided to go to Taxco with Patrick and Dave, and also met up with a girl called Sian whilst on the bus. It was quite a relief to get out of Mexico City! Whilst the hostel there was great for meeting people, the city itself wasn’t my favourite - roads upon roads of bustling monotony.

Taxco felt like a Cornish town, but without the beach. We took a ride on the cable car to the mountain around it in search of a picturesque view, but unfortunately we couldn’t quite find it. Apparently - and I really wouldn’t know because I’m about as good at shopping as Alan Partridge is at making friends - the silver in Taxco was dirt cheap. Like $4 for something that would cost $40 back home. Needless to say I was a stingey git and didn’t buy a thing for anyone.

No tour of Mexico’s complete without visiting Acapulco… simply because you can’t really get to the nice places without getting a bus there first. I did my best to avoid it, but it actually doesn’t seem that bad. And the weather here is bloody hot! I was a bit shocked back in Mexico City at how cold it was compared to what I was expecting, but Acapulco definitely meets my expectations!

Umm… yeah, so I’ll spend a night here, then find some nice secluded little beach somewhere and just chill out for a while whilst reading Trance State by John Case and some Paulo Cuelho book I’ve got with me. Nice.

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