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Industrial Action

1 August 2003

Bit of a problem getting from Copan to the Northern coast of Honduras due to some industrial action blocking the only main road. Something ot do with trying to get Nescafe to pay a fair wage. Right on. Anyway, was stuck at this stupid road side cafe for about four hours. The excitement!!!

Got to the coast eventually and stayed in Tela, a small little village with not much going on. Decided to be healthy yesterday and went for a half hour beach-side-run, and then later went for a half hour swim out to some little rafty type things for docking boats on. Was with a few English and Irish guys and girls, but then this morning headed off on my own to Utila, where I’m currently at.

I’m going to be doing a dive course now for the next week or so and won’t have Internet access most of that time. Tomorrow there’s a huge 24 hour rave/party here called Sun Jam which should be interesting.

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