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Twin Peaks

20 July 2003

I haven’t updated in a few days because I’ve been staying in a fantastic hostel in Santa Cruz, on Lake Atitlan for the past three nights, and it didn’t have Internet access there. The lake was quite spectacular, with a couple of volcanoes/mountains along the side - one of which I climbed yesterday. That was great fun - a 3 hour strenous trek to the top, and then a one hour run back down! The view from the top was breathtakingly amazing. And the day before that, I did a scuba dive in the lake. Whilst not the most scenic dive I’ve ever done, it was good to get back into it having not dived in over two years.

I’m in Panajachel at the moment, going back to Antigua in half an hour and I will probably do a Spanish course there for a week (yes mum, you are reading correctly!) and then do some scuba in Honduras.

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