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Jungle Ruins

12 July 2003

Well I’m in Palenque and this morning I went to see the ruins here. Quite spectacular. It was, I think, the Mayan capital back between 100BC and 500AD, or around about then. Lots of pyramid type things to climb including some fantastic photo opportunities. Spent a good three hours there.

Tomorrow the plan is to go to some waterfalls about 20km away. Its very hot here, so hopefully we’ll be able to do a bit of bathing there. Last night was very uckily hot. We had to pull the beds into the middle of the room where they were under the fans. Sweltered away.

Guatemala crossing should be on Monday, with a trek like this one planned a couple of days after. I’ve heard more good stuff about Cuba, so after Hondurus and Belize I’ll try and get a plane out from Cancun to Cuba for about a week. My plane home is booked for the 25th August, but there’s just so much to do here that I may end up changing it for a later date!!!

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