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17 August 2003

The last few days have been full of indecisiveness, changes of mind, thinking I’m going one way, then another etc. etc. etc. Well, finally my mind is set. I left Tulum this morning after sleeping a night in a new hammock I bought on the lovely beach. But, to be honest, it was too damn hot. Wonderfully beautiful, but too hot.

So I came to Cancun and just bought a ticket to Cuba for three nights! Yeah! Then after that, I’m flying to Monterrey from Cancun to visit my Mexican amiga Marcela who lives there. Then, its straight back down to Mexico City on a bus to catch my plane home at 9pm on the 25th.

Now I very much doubt I’ll manage to change plans again because I’ve just spend 400 squid on these plane tickets. Cheap at the price. Gotta see Cuba before America starts bombing their arse, after reading a Spanish paper today which was saying something about how Cuba is the next Iraq. Damn that George Bush bastard, by the time he’s finished the whole world (outside the US, of course) will be in ruins.

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