Jake Gordon


29 July 2003

Soooo tired! Had to wake up at 3.45 this morning to get the bus to Honduras, and couldn’t sleep on the bus because it was a bit skanky and nothing to rest my head on. Oh well, got to the border eventually at about 11am and had to do the whole stamping passport thingy. That took a while because some idiots had about 15 passports with them to get stamped, no doubt for tourists who wanted to stay for longer than the allowed stay in Guatemala and couldn’t be naffed to go to the border themselves.

Then there was a bit of a traffic jam incident when we got to Copan. Narrow road and some lorry had broken down. So our bus driver decided to grab his baseball bat and run out the bus and chase someone screaming at him. After that, he sat in his cab and honked his horn continuously. Hilarious stuff.

Didn’t particularly want to stay in Copan because I just want to get to some beaches and scuba etc. on the Bay Islands in the north of Honduras, but the bus to get me to the next town is broken down or something like that, so have to stay here for a night now. Then tomorrow probably get the bus to San Pedro (not the same as the Guatemalan San Pedro… obviously) and from there buy some wings to Roatlan to save some time. Gonna go there rather than Utila, at least for now, because there’s a big party on Utila on Saturday night so the place is jam packed and it’d be hard to find cheap, or even any, accommodation then.

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