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20 June 2001

Jumped off a building today… four times! It wasn’t quite the same as Corrina’s jump from 150m into a gorge - this was a weeny 50m jump, but bloody hell - it was still an awesome experience! First jump I did in ‘classic’ forward style - and because I fell rather than jump, I ended up doing a water-touch - getting submersed in the natural pool below up to my waist! Excellent.

My second jump was a little more adventurous, jumping off backwards. That was cool - but no water-touch that time. I decided to take my camera down on the third so just did a simple forward-dive again. My fourth dive was called an ‘elevator’ and basically involved hopping off the platform backwards, feet-first, looking straight up. What a rush! Had to get a video, photos and t-shirt to remember the day of course. Sadly, my head got a big screwed by the dives, and whilst having lunch waiting to do my 5th, 6th 7th and 8th dives, whenever I looked down my eyes and forehead hert, so they told me not to do any more. Crap! I was well up for a hand-stand dive and a Cliffhanger dive. I guess they’ll have to wait until next time.

I’m a little lost now regarding my coming travel plans. I was going to go to Indonesia for a couple of months but the nice lady at Qantas told me that it was politically unstable where I wanted to go (Sumatra) at the moment so it was best not to go. Instead we looked at the possiblility of going across to Alice Springs (for Ayres Rock) then Perth, followed by Johhanesberg and an African safari. Problem with that though is that it ‘aint as hot as I’d like in Africa at the moment so maybe that would be best left for another time.

Well, today I decided it might be nice to do a skydiving course instead - learn how to skydive solo, rather than just a single tandem jump that I did before (photos coming very soon!). Well, I’m just about to do some research into where, when and how much, but if this is what I do then I’ll probably be getting home in about three weeks because I’ll be skint!

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