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21 July 2003

Well, a little anyway. Started the Spanish course today. Its four hours, from 8am to 12pm, with about a half hour break. My teacher is called Rosa (ahem, that will make my mum laugh) and seems okay. Her English isnt too hot, but seems quite good at teaching me Spanish. Ive got a load of -ar verbs to learn this afternoon… the excitement! The famiy im staying with isnt too fantastic, in that its more just like a hostel and then eating meals in a room with them, although they dont actually seem to eat with us. A bit stupid really, and all the other people living in the same house have moved out to go in more family-type houses. Well, to be honest, I dont really care. Im only going to be here until Friday afternoon anyway, then Im gonna be doing some scuba in Honduras!!!

Saw a film here last night, Tears of the Sun, with Bruce Willis. Very pantsily pro-American, war, Americans are great, Africans need Americas help etc. Tripe. The cinema was weird, very very dark, and the projector wasnt very good, and it was in English but I had to use the Spanish subtitles (good for learning Spanish) because the acoustics were dreadful. Went with Margot, who I met in Santa Cruz the other day - shes doing a whooping 8 weeks of Spanish… complete mentalist.

Big up the rest of my family whove gone to the Isle of Wight.

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