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Fahrenheight 9/11

10 July 2004

Michael Moore’s new film ‘Fahrenheight 9/11’ came out in the UK today. My brother Joe is watching it at the cinema tomorrow, but I’ve decided to download it for free - apparently Michael Moore has even said he wants people to do this. I’m using BitTorrent to download the file using the Azureus client. Whenever I’d tried downloading in this way before I gave up because download speeds were so poor. For about half an hour this time I was downloading at no more than around 5kB/s, but then I followed the advice here and I’m now getting a download speed of around 40kB/s - much more reasonable! Basically, I had to setup port forwarding on my Linksys router on ports 6881-6889. Works a treat… maybe I’ll be watching the film before my brother!

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