I am both idealist and realist. For there is no point in ideals if they cannot be realised.
Jacob (Jake) Barrie Gordon

Jake Gordon

New Blog!

24 February 2004

Well, finally got round to replacing Newspro with a new blogging system. Back in the day when I started using Newspro on this site (January 2001) blogging wasn’t even a word, or at least I hadn’t heard of it. So it took a while to convert all the old news over to the new system, but its all in place now. I had to strip it down a lot though because I hated some of the ‘features’ it gave me, which just made things very user-unfriendly in my opinion. I’ll have a play around with getting it to work better when its not 2.10 in the morning. Amazing new feature: you can now post comments!!!

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