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Alone Again

12 March 2001

[read below updates first] Here I am, in an Internet Cafe in Kota Bharu, North East of Malaysia. Yesterday, I said goodbye to my travel buddies and good friends of the last two weeks, and became a fully independent traveller again. A nine hour train journey after the boat ride out of the rainforest (this time, ensuring I didn’t drink so much first!) brought me into this town yesterday evening, and I met some German guy called Luds at the station and had a couple of beers with him last night, before crashing out on my first real bed for a week! Today, I’m just taking it easy, catching up on emails etc. and letting your all know I’m still alive. Tomorrow, I’m off to the Perenthian Islands, taking a boat nice and early in the morning. I’ll be there for about five days, before heading off to Krabi in Thailand, and then to some of the islands just below Thailand. Oh, and mum - it looks like I may be able to meet you in Bangkok anyway, because I’ll probably be there until about the 16th April, before shooting off to Oz and working and travelling for a couple of months there (and New Zealand).

Now to find some new travel buddies to bud up with on my Perenthian Islands trip. Think I might send my photos home now as well (the post office is just next door) - so it could be just a couple of weeks until you start actually seeing some of the stuff I’ve been up to!

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