I am both idealist and realist. For there is no point in ideals if they cannot be realised.
Jacob (Jake) Barrie Gordon

Jake Gordon

Exploring Snowdonia

12 October 2003

Just got back from a weekend in Snowdonia with the Explorers Society here at uni. I hadn’t been before and I had a great time - some stunning views and generally just good to be outdoors for a bit with a good group of people. Introduced to ‘scrambling’ which is basically climbing with your hands a bit, but isn’t as hard-core as ‘climbing’ proper which you need a rope for all the time and proper climbing shoes. Or something like that. Did use a rope on one bit though. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a view from the top of Mount Snowdon because you could only see around 10 metres through the mist. Oh well. Anyway, go have a look at my photos.

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