Jake Gordon

Cigar Smuggling

24 August 2003

If you go to Cuba, you’ve gotta get some cigars. Even if you don’t smoke, and neither do any of your friends. So I went to the cigar factory, having found out how much cigars cost from Hash who’d been there the day before. About $120 for 25 cigars, but apparently they’re worth at least double that back home.

But why not buy some illegal ones instead? Cubans are so eager to get some dollars that they steal or whatever cigars from the factory and sell them off in their houses. So I bought them that way instead. Was walking to the cigar factory and some guy on the street asked if I wanted cigars. I said ‘damn straight’ and went into his house. About five guys on the lookout for cops. Took about five minutes deciding what to get. Got 25 cigars, paid $30. Sweet! Saved about $90!!!

So I smuggled them out of the house, and walked around town looking very inconspicous of course, before getting back to my hotel and stashing them in my bag. Was a bit worried they may be found at the airport customs, but they never looked. Plus, they look genuine and legal enough if they were found.

All in the name of a bit of suspense and thrill. Be ready for a big Cuban cigar party when I get back!

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