Jake Gordon

Thai Boxing and Lady Boys

6 April 2001

Saw some Thai Boxing yesterday which was quite exciting. The stadium was like a big round room with step-seats all around it, and we were sitting up near the top, away from all the betting and atmosphere down below. Unfortunately though we though it would be better to go at about 9pm rather than 6pm and I think we missed most of the good matches - but we still got to see some great fighting and for the first two matches at least the atmosphere was quite alive. I think I’ll have to do Thai Boxing or something similar at uni now.

After the boxing it was time for the lady boys hunt. Damn it - it’s bloody hard to tell. I couldn’t spot them at all, but my friends were pointing them all out to me and there a lot of them out there. None of them attractive at all in my mind, but I didn’t find it easy to see that they were blokes.

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