Jake Gordon

Pain In The Arse

11 July 2003

San Cristobal is lovely. Its smaller than Oaxaca and very ‘cultural’. After a 13 hour night bus the other night (on which I slept sporadically but not very well) my path collided with a huge procession of people holding palm leaves and banners in their hands. Turns out, the area has just got a new priest and so this whole celebration was to celebrate him arriving.

Went on an amazing horse (probably more like big pony) riding trip yesterday which only cost UKP7 for about five hours!!! But a piece of advice: don’t wear shorts and sandles. And wear some kind of bum protection too! The scenery on the ride was ‘lush’ and the horses weren’t afraid to do a bit of cantering. But the trotting was an absolute killer on my arse. The ten of us who did it all have particularly sore backsides today.

Probably heading off to Palenque tonight, although with Grace, Charlie, James and Scott rather than Jack, ‘cos he’s doing it all a little fast for me. I need some more time to chill out, relax and take in the atmosphere.

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