Jake Gordon

Cuban Brawl

24 August 2003

Read the update below first. So yeah, the other guy goes into a room then comes out 20 seconds later with a bimming knife and crowbar and goes and starts trying to ram down the door of the room his brother is in. Mentalist. Its one of those doors with lots of little windows in it, and he’s smashing them all out with the crowbar. Yeah, he’s gonna kill this guy. So Hash and I peg it out to try and get the police so that noone gets killed. Only, of course, the family don’t want to get the police involved - regardless of the fact that someone’s about to get killed - because we’re staying in the house illegally, and if the police find out then they lose their house or get a huge fine. Deep shit. Anyway, there’s a huge crowd outside the house, and there’s still lots of glass smahsing, shouting and screaming going on upstairs. Well, eventually the police do decide to help out - but for a police state that Cuba is, you’d have expected they’d do something quicker than in half an hour, right? Totally screwed up. So then the hostel guy’s telling us to tell lies to the police, like we weren’t staying there, just happened to have our bags in the rooms. Okay. Well, anyway, eventually the brothers get led away in police cars and nobody’s dead at least. The police take down our passport numbers and we leave the house to find a proper hotel for the night. Crap knows what the fight was all about and what happened re. illegal guest house. Apparently the brothers were quite drunk and i heard them talking about money… I think. Anyway, so prostitution and a big fight in an illegal guest house was my introduction to Cuba!

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