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Hola! Je suis en Mexico!!!

26 June 2003

Yes, I know thats not Spanish, but Ive been on an Air France flight so Im in a bit of a muddle between my English, French and Spanish at the moment. And in case your French aint to hot, Im in Mexico as we speak, booked into a nice youth hostel international doo-dah called Hostelas Cathedral in the heart of Mexico City. Which is, btw, extremely big - remembering back to when I came into Delhi, this ones even bigger! Ive met quite a few people already and theres a good atmostphere to this place.

Apparently its 9pm at the moment.But of course my body thinks its about 4am. Add to that the fact that I had four hours sleep last night and didnt sleep at two nights before that, and you figure that Im feeling a little on the tired side. So after sending out a few emails and then getting some food, i expect ill be going straight to bed… or perhaps not.

Plan for tomorrow is to go to the pyramids of Teotihuacan and then probably stay in Mexico City for a couple of days and do a couple of other day trips before probably going kinda northwards for a week or so.


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