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Jobless Figures

11 February 2004

Apparently, unemployment has fallen to a two-and-a-half year low of 4.9%. But are the figures to be trusted and are they misleading? More people go to university now than ever before. In the past, those people would have been working or looking for jobs. Also, the figure doesn’t make any mention of what kind of jobs these are - are they all permanent jobs, or are they temporary? Are they full time, or part time? Are the jobs any fun, or are they degrading and McDonaldized? And if they are rationalized, is it possible that they won’t last long because machines will soon be able to do the same jobs instead? My dissertation on this subject is coming along well - going to start actually writing it next week perhaps, just a few more books to digest first.

Maybe I just being silly. Getting all worked up about an idea I have which the majority of society rejects. That we’re soon to be hit by massive social upheavel when unemployment rates rocket. But if I am correct in my assumption, then something has to be done about it, and now. We need an amended way of looking at the world and work. We need a new welfare system. At the moment, I see a basic income scheme (aka citizens’ income or national dividend) as a great solution. Over the next couple of weeks I plan to open basicincome.org.uk to get some ideas on the scheme flowing and increase public interest in it. If you’re interested in finding out more now, check out this site.

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