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Mindless Stagger

18 June 2001

Had a great night yesterday at a bar in Airlie Beach with the guys from the dive trip - one guy was buying jugs of VB (Oz beer) for us all and we had drinking games etc. Made a complete twat of myself on the dance floor, I’m sure - but I didn’t care! Then it was time to get back to the hostel - decided to do the 20 minute walk and got a little worried when my staggering had been going on for a good hour or so! Where the hell was the hostel? Why can’t I walk in a straight line? Why didn’t I wear a jumper - it’s bloody freezing! Decided I’d try and stop a car/taxi and ask them where the place was - none would stop (for a drunken maniac) though. Eventually decided I must have gone past it so backtracked - and there it was, a good 3km back down the road. At least the trek had given me some time to sober up!

Had to get a bus at 9.30am this morning to get me to Cairns. Not having a watch I decided to look at the watch of the guy in the bunk next to me - 6.30am when I looked - plenty of time for some more much-needed sleep. After getting up and having a nice long shower I asked the guy what the time was and he said it was 9am - crap - then he said not to trust his watch ‘cos it was one and a half hour slow - crap! Trust me to choose his watch. Got in a bit of a panic but ordered a taxi to the bus station and had plenty of time to get the coach.

Impression of Cairns so far - small village/town but the hostel seems cool. Gotta’ organise some bungee.

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