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Back To South East Asia?!

30 May 2001

Well, about a week ago I heard that Nathan (Nat) (see posse page) has decided to trek half way round the world for a month seeing as uni is finishing for the summer - so we’re currenlty planning to do a bit of travelling together for that time, most likely in Indonesia which’ll be great because I really want to get back into the whole south east Asia thing.

Oh, and I’ve got bored of Brisbane now. Been here for four weeks and although the social atmosphere is great, it’s getting cold and there’s very little to do - didn’t find a job (or at least not the kind I wanted) and ended up being geeky for about a week instead, doing websites and stuff like that.

So here’s the current plan: Go to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast with my sister tomorrow, then leave Brisbane at the weekend (becoming a lone traveller again, leaving Corrina behind to manage the hostel) and do a three day canoeing trip in Noosa. Then, off to Frazer Island for a few days, before possibly doing a dive on the Great Barrier Reef and then jumping onto a bus up to Cairns, from where I’ll fly to Jakarta and meet Nat.

Spend a month doing Indonesia, then I don’t really know what yet! Possibly fly home, or possibly go to Hawaii or America or Mexico or a mixture of the three.

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