Jake Gordon

The Reunion

22 June 2001

Bloody weird. It’s a small world and this was proved yesterday evening when I was strutting my stuff on the dance floor in the legendry Wool Shed here in Cairns when out of nowhere popped Steve Browne, who I also met just a couple of weeks ago on Fraser Island. Well, if that weren’t strange enough, ten minutes later Ali Mckeough(another guy from my old school) and his motley crew: Joe Cook, Adam Cadman and Sam Gale. I couldn’t believe it! Half way round the world and there they were. Ended up having a good drinking session to celebrate, and staggered back into my hostel (fortunately not getting lost this time) at about 3.30am.

Went to Qantas today to change my plane tickets - I’m now flying to Brisbane on Sunday, then staying there for three weeks and doing my skydiving qualification course (basically jumping out a plane 17 times!) before heading off to Singapore to put my credit card to good use, then flying back to ol’ blighty around the 19th July. Knowing me though, these plans will stand for about five days!

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