Jake Gordon

The Island

20 March 2001

After a one and a half hour boat ride I finally arrived on The Island, alone once more. It was a 15 minute walk across to the other side of the island from where the boat dropped me off, and then I was there, on the beach - Long Beach.

It looked absolutely amazing - just the kind of beach you dream of relaxing on without a care in the world. Well - I was there, and now it was time to find myself somewhere to stay. Oh… and I’d decided I’d do this all very cheaply. I would stay for five nights and try not to spend over 75 ringitts - about 13 quid. Hmm.

Setting myself a limit of 10 ringitt a night proved a little difficult. I had to settle for 15 (under 3 pounds) instead - but the room was cool. A simple A-Frame shack with a double bed under a mosquito net. The glory of it though was that it was only about ten metres from a beautiful secluded section of beach.

So… there I was, relaxing on the beach. Time to find new friends? I think so.

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