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Taman Negara National Park - arrival

12 March 2001

Spent a total of five nights in the Taman Negara National Park/tropical rainforest - a totally excellent time. Let me just give you some practical advice first.

Before going on a two and a half hour boat journey into the middle of a rainforest, don’t:<OL>
<LI>drink two litres of water and then find yourself almost wetting your pants because the boat doesn’t stop for a loo break
<LI>get on the boat which has a shite engine which cuts out after about ten minutes, causing you to have to wait for twenty minutes (again, remembering your bladder) for another boat to come to pick you up
<LI>pick the seat right at the front where you have no leg-room, causing your butt to fall asleep whilst (unfortunately, this doesn’t have the same effect on your bladder)
As you can imagine, when the boat finally came into the national park, about three and a half hours after we set off, I only had one thing on my mind Where the hell’s the bloody toilet?!. After finding the heart on the door though, my pains were no more and I could begin to enjoy the jungle experience.

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