Jake Gordon

Under The Sea

20 March 2001

The day after the wedding I had to bade farewell to Chrissy and Abbie who I’d known for a massive three or four days, but whom I felt I knew like good friends by then. Before breakfast I had no idea what my plans were for the next few days and weeks, but by the end of breakfast I’d enrolled in a scuba diving course which was to start in five minutes time. Talk about rash decisions.

Three hours later I was a couple of metres under the sea breathing out of an air tank. Three hours after that I was 12m under for about three quarters of an hour. Boyakasha!

It was a four day diving course that ended this morning, and something I did with Fiona and Tara who were doing the same course. Three others were also in the same group - Mel, Alex and Vic. The open water training course involved four dives and two sort of learning things in shallow water.

The coolest parts of the scuba diving were: being under water and just kinda’ floating around down there; seeing turtles; seeing a shark; seeing loads of big fish. I was kown as the ‘destroyer’ during the course though after breaking a fin, a breathing apparatus and a door hinge. I swear non of them were my fault though!

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